We offer a wide variety of yoga classes. Read below for class descriptions or contact us if you have questions. Visit our Mindbody Online Schedule for our most current schedule, substitutions and to register for classes and workshops online.


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Vinyasa Level 1
This class will dive deep into a broader range of asanas with a non-aggressive approach and moderate pace which allows you to dissolve into a more open, graceful body and relax into a steady mind.  This class is open to all levels, but due to the slower tempo it is appropriate for beginners who are ready to grow their practice as well. Basics class recommended before attending.

Vinyasa Level 1 & 2
Grow your practice.  This mixed level class allows you to explore more challenging asana variations with the detail and support of a level 1 class. The practice will be dynamic yet playful with modifications provided to offer your practice room to grow as you develop greater body mind awareness. Vinyasa classes link breath with movement, are often sweat inducing, energetic and deeply cleansing for the body while focusing the mind to engage in the fulness of life! Level 1 class recommended before attending.

Open Level
All levels are welcome to attend this dynamic class, where we explore a wide range of asanas. Open classes may include vinyasa sequences as well as longer held postures, increasing physical endurance, attention to alignment and a compassionate space to grow your practice. Open level classes may include chanting, meditation, and teachings from ancient yogic philosophy. Basics class recommended before attending.

This is a mixed level class which will explore a broader range of asanas, pranayama and meditation, with a non-aggressive approach and moderate pace. Connect to the heart of this ancient tradition as you explore hundreds of asanas and variations promoting strength and grace in mind and body. This class is a tonic for the nervous system and will provide essential skills for advancing your personal practice on and off the mat.  Basics class recommended before attending.

Yoga / Hatha Basics
This class is for absolutely anyone of any age, shape or size to experience the many benefits of yoga. No experience or flexibility required. You will learn basic yoga postures, the art and benefits of breathing, correct positioning of postures within one’s own body and how to incorporate props into your practice. We recommend you wear loose, comfortable clothing. No yoga experience necessary.

Kalari Movement ™
Kalari Movement is a group of people that practice and teach Kalarippayattu, the martial and healing art from Southern India. Our focus is on Health and Wellness; We present Kalari as a fun, dynamic way to learn body control, focus the mind and get a full body workout. Join us and experience ancient techniques to break through mental and physical blocks and open the doors to strength, flexibility and inner peace. Kalari Movement teaches an ancient practice to a modern audience for improvement of life.  No yoga or Kalari experience necessary.

Restorative Yoga
Take a break and indulge in restorative yoga. The yoga of non-doing,restorative yoga works with props to support the body in long-held postures. While focusing on breath and allowing for deep release in the physical body and mind, this practice brings the body to its natural healing state. No yoga experience necessary.

Relax & Release
This class infuses soothing movement and restorative postures paired with guided relaxation and or meditation, creating an opening in the body and ease in the mind. The slow pace helps students establish a connection between breath and movement with the added benefit of restorative postures for increased relaxation and flexibility. This class is a tonic for the nervous system and will provide essential skills for advancing your day to day practice of yoga on and off the mat. No yoga experience necessary.

Back and Spine
Who doesn’t need a spinal tune-up? In this class we use gentle forward and back bends along with twists, targeting your back and the surrounding muscles including the hips, to put your spine, organs and spirit back into correct alignment. You’ll feel the difference after just one class. All levels welcome.

Kids Yoga

Learning yoga through story, imagination and fun!

Yoga is not just for grown-ups any more! In fact, Kids Yoga is a wonderful experience to help your little ones grow into their bodies and relationships with greater mindfulness, confidence, compassion and creativity. Kids today are increasingly surrounded by stress at younger and younger ages. From social pressure to standardized tests and over-scheduling, kids need a way to unwind, come back to center and get back in touch with simplicity. Yoga is an amazing tool to guide this journey. Imagine if you had the ability to move through challenging, stressful circumstances with greater ease as you were growing up. Yoga helps kids relax more into life!

Recommended for kids age 3-12.

Parents/guardians must walk their children into the studio and ensure they are signed in at the front desk. Please wait with your children until class starts. There is a minimum of 2 students required. Parents/guardians are welcome to wait in the studio lounge or meditation room or take Flow & Restore yoga at the same time. Parents/guardians should come in the studio to pick up their children after class.

Guided Meditation
This class is structured using both guided and unguided meditation in a group setting. Teaching points will include posture, breath, mantras, mudras, and offer many different options for increasing your meditation practice at home. This class is open to beginner and established meditators. The benefits of daily meditation practice can reduce stress, anxiety, insomnia, as well as increase clarity, concentration, and creativity. Both new and experienced meditators benefit from group meditations, which generally amplify the power of each person’s meditative efforts.

Noon Flow
All levels are welcome to attend this dynamic, 60 minute class where we explore a wide range of asanas. Classes may include vinyasa flow sequences as well as longer held postures. Basics class recommended before attending.

Flow & Restore
This class will help you build a steady foundation to move through your practice. Vinyasa flows will build heat, stamina and strength. Longer held postures and extra time in calming seated postures will help restore your mind and body. Basics class recommended before attending.

Align & Refine Level 1 & 2
This Hatha style class is designed to help you explore pranamaya and asana using an anatomical focus and utilizing props to help find the best alignment for you in each posture. Special focus will be placed on adjusting the pose to your individual needs and abilities while building strength and stamina in the postures. Meditation and yoga philosophy are woven into each class in a relevant way. While they may not be offered in every class depending on the theme, inversions and preps for inversions are included as a regular part of this practice. Some experience with basic yoga postures is recommended.

Align & Shine
This Vinyasa class is a creative flow style that will be different every time. There is detailed teaching involved, a variety of holding movements that will work on the bodies heart, mind, strength, and stretch. The class is designed to progress your yoga and bring your body into better alignment. This class is great for people who want to try new things and/or deepen any other physical practice.

Rise & Shine
Waking up early isn’t easy. This class is meant to reward you for your early morning efforts. This class starts slow warming your body up, then picks up the pace to ensure by 7:30 a.m. you feel like you got your daily workout in. It is a power packed early morning hour that also sets a theme to inspire you and keep you aware of your mindset and movements throughout the entire day. Modifications are offered warmly and caffeine is welcomed gladly! All levels welcome.

Yoga for Core Strength
The focus in this class will be on building strength and movement through the body’s core, assisting in creating a stronger back and torso for improved posture and breathing. This class is all levels, but expect to feel a good core burn and a little sweat!