Alison has always led an active life. She likes physical activity, being around others and all things surrounding healthy living.  As a child she dabbled in gymnastics, as a teen she gravitated to gym activities which eventually led her to work in the fitness industry and teach a variety of exercise classes.

Continuing to pursue her interests, she studied at the University of Utah and earned her Bachelors Degree in Behavioral Science and Health. After suffering a lower back injury, Alison incorporated yoga as part of her recovery.  What she found was not only did yoga ease her pain, it inspired her spiritually and gave her mental clarity, something that had been lacking from her previous physical activities.

It was a natural progression for her to deepen her yoga practice and knowledge by earning her 200 RYT certificate through Purple Yoga’s Teacher Training Program in Southern California. Alison infuses her knowledge of the physical body, philosophy of yoga, creativity, love of people and energy for life into her classes.  Come and join her on the mat!!!!

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