Chris’s roots are in the South. He was born in Dallas, Texas and loves southern culture, food, folks, music. It was while living in Mississippi that he took his first yoga class and later taught his first class. Chris is a musician (guitar and percussion), an obsessive t-shirt purchaser and an unapologetic omnivore. He is a lazy thrill seeker. Scuba diving and African drum and dance classes make him glad to be alive. Chris found yoga was a gateway inward, a practice that challenged him physically, mentally and spiritually. He also saw in others the value of being authentic. Humility, while challenging, is really just feeling “right sized”, not the best nor the worst. For him, yoga is the joy of feeling comfortable in his own skin. The gratitude he has for all his past teachers and all his fellow students, their patience and courage, is one of the main reasons he continues to teach.
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