RYT E-200, LMT Diligent, passionate, intuitive, and dedicated; Jami will encourage your greatness to rise.

Jami brings fifteen years of experience in the health and wellness industry into the art of teaching Yoga. She has studied the behavior and anatomy of the physical body through her passion in body therapies, massage and yoga, combined with a deep understanding of pranic consciousness. As a leading certified Vinyasa Instructor through the Krishnamacharya Lineage, Jami is known for bringing soul and movement to life with an infectious warmth and respect for sacred tradition.

Weaving the art of living yoga with the fusion of sacred texts into each class as an opportunity for students to dive deep into the nectar of their Yoga Soul. The invitation to hold sacred space for personal transformation is observed as well as classical and innovative asana linked through the natural rhythm of breath. Classes with Jami are musically infused, sweat inducing, intelligent, and full of Bhakti. She offers workshops, master classes, and retreats throughout the year as well as private instruction.

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