Kyle Roberts is a graduate of the Ayurvedic Institute in Albuquerque, New Mexico where under the tutelage of Dr. Vasant Lad he studied the theoretical and clinical aspects of Ayurveda. Before, during, and after his formal ayurvedic training Kyle has studied Jyotish (classical vedic astrology), Ashtanga Yoga, Sanskrit, and herbology, as well as various practices of meditation and pranayama. He has studied throughout the United States and in India, working to integrate both eastern and western cultures into digestible forms of practical information. Kyle’s efforts are spent teaching various subjects within yoga and ayurveda as well as integrating classical healing practices with modern practicality for individual health concerns.

Ayurvedic Consultation

Due to the mass influence of modern civilization a natural approach towards addressing the acute and chronic stages of imbalance that constrict the peaceful flow of life are highly needed. Ayurveda is a potent tool in dealing with the difficulties that restrict balance in life. Assistance may address mental-emotional stress, physical imbalance, or routine maintenance. Ayurveda is concerned with removing the causes of problems in order for imbalance to be fully removed and total health restored. When deciding to use ayurveda for help know that questions regarding your present state of health will be asked. These questions will focus on the regularity and functionality of your bowels, quality of sleep and dreams, diet, appetite, and cravings. Additionally, examination will consist of looking at the tongue, feeling the pulse at the radial artery, looking at the fingernails, and inquiry on any specific issue.


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