Myth & Movement

with Lin Steffey

The myths and legends of yoga, with their rich symbolism and complex characters, are tools to help us explore and understand our human existence.

In this all-levels series, you will discover your personal connection to the Gods Ganesha, Hanuman and Shiva and the Goddesses Lakshmi, Saraswati and Durga, through story, asana, mantra and mudra


Myth & Movement – Godesses

Thursdays, June 21, 28, July 5

6:00 – 8:00 p.m.


Cost: $25 or $60 for 3-part series (Gods or Godesses)

**Discounts for We Are Yoga Members




This workshop was informative, creative, fun and after practicing yoga for 15 years helped me understand what the Shiva statue in so many studios represents. I was so moved by the Shiva presentation I had to go buy a mini Shiva for my alter at home. Lin presented the information in a fun and interactive style that made me want to move with the gods.  The workshop was balanced with just the right amount of story-telling and movement. She offered mudras to go with each god which I have also used during meditation and feel great doing so! Thank you Lin, I look forward to the goddess series. ~ Stef

I absolutely loved Lin’s Myth and Movement series! The way she tells a story and weaves it through the entire practice is magic. I love all the symbolism that makes the stories relatable to both my daily life and yoga practice. The mudras, mantra and poses all tied together perfectly and created a beautiful experience. I am really looking forward to the goddess series! ~ Danielle

Lin skillfully guides us through an exploration of universal energies both individually and collectively. The myths become alive as she weaves the stories through the movement, breath and mantra of ancient yogic practices revealing the depth, timelessness and relevance they carry for the modern practitioner. It is a powerful experience accessible to practitioners of all levels. ~ Heather