Join us for an evening of literature, social consciousness, yoga and fun. Experience What I Thought I Saw, a traveling exhibit of stories and photography, followed by a yoga practice with Lin Steffey designed to help you explore the ideas of the exhibit within the landscape of your own body, heart and breath.

Saturday, May 5
5:00 – 7:00 p.m.
Cost: $25

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We view the people around us through what we think is a window. We form opinions and judgements about what we see – creating stories about others.

The window, though, turns out to be a mirror – reflecting back to us our own biases, preconceptions and discomforts. What we think we know about a person is really a story about us, not them.

With this recognition comes an invitation to shift from judgment to curiosity – to see beyond stereotypes, to move past conditioned responses, and grow genuinely curious about the stories of others.

We are called to an awareness of the beautiful complexity of the people that make up our world. We are called to listen as others tell us their stories; stories so much more profound than anything we thought we saw.