Valentine’s Day Flow with Nicole Gleave.┬áHips and heart. Passion and compassion.

In this workshop, we will explore range of motion, stability, and flexibility in the hips and shoulders. The hips and shoulders are very important parts of our body. They attach our limbs, enable us to to please our senses and engage physically with one another.
They are known to house and store emotion and energy, sometimes positive, sometimes negative. They are also associated with the energy centers of the heart; anahata chakra, and the sacral area; svadisthana chakra; connected to love, compassion, and passion.
We will work with movement and intention to clear physical, and emotional tension or blocks, enabling greater freedom in feeling, and range of motion.

Give yourself a valentine! Come explore range of motion and flow in these vital parts of your body, the hips and shoulders. We will spend time warming up, flowing into a heated vinyasa sequence, all working up to our peak pose of the day, that will embody and maximize our work. We will end class by cooling down with some juicy, restorative hip and shoulder openers.


Feel free to contact us for detailed information.


Saturday, February 13

12:00 – 1:30 p.m.

$15 in advance, $20 at the door