Nicole Gleave is a Salt Lake City native. She is 32 years old, a wife, new mother, adventure seeker, embodiment lover, spiritual seeker, and lover of life and its wild ride. At 21 she went to a gym and found yoga and was immediately hooked. Her life was transformed due to the healing power of yoga, Kalari, & Ayurveda.
Nicole dedicated the last 9 years of her life to educating herself as much as possible: for herself and to help others. She loves sharing these tools of empowerment so that others can experience their best selves. Helping others help themselves has been one of life’s greatest gifts.

Between 2009 and 2013, Nicole traveled to India 5 times to train and study with her Gurukkal. She is a senior student at KKA and trained extensively in Northern, Central and Southern styles as well as in the healing energy treatment Nadi Chikitsa. She started teaching Kalari in 2010. In 2013, her Gurukkal encouraged her to train others to teach which is when she and her husband co-created Kalari Movement. They held the first Kalari Movement teacher training in 2014-2015, the first of its liking world wide.

Nicole began casually studying Ayurveda under various teachers in 2009. In 2012, she enrolled at the San Diego College of Ayurveda. In 2013, she graduated as an Ayurvedic Health and Wellness practitioner and began consulting.

Part of her training at that San Diego College of Ayurveda included yoga therapy. She took the Psalm Isadora Primal Core Kundalini and Tantra yoga teacher training in Los Angeles in 2013 and the D’ana Baptiste Inbody academy 1000-hour yoga therapy program in SLC in 2014.

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