HEATHER JONES began her study and practice of yoga when when her daughters were toddlers.  She began attending yoga classes at her gym to assist her recovery from a back injury and quickly realized that the practice was assisting her in ways that moved far beyond the physical.  She began spending many hours on her mat at home as her children crawled beneath her down dog.  She completed her yoga teacher training in 2010 where she was introduced to Ayruveda, Jyotish and the practice of Kalarippayattu and found a wealth of resources and knowledge available to her in her local community.  She continues to study, practice and teach, taking full advantage of the opportunity to work with talented, devoted and generous teachers and fellow practitioners. Heather teaches a variety of styles;  delighting in the imagination and playfulness that her young yogis offer in Kid’s Yoga, the grounding and centering of Hatha and the fluid meditative motion of Vinyasa.  She continues to nurture a dedicated Kalari practice and is committed to supporting her teachers in their continued effort to share this ancient beautiful and powerful practice. Heather is humbled by the constant support of her husband and children and by the love and offerings that each of her teachers so freely gives.  It is these examples that guide and nourish her love of teaching.

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